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Get at me if you would like to cam together (5k cb followers min, more is better, or anyone or two ;) 30 and bi or NB, like myself) or you would like to shoot portfolio work and a few images or videos I can sell commercially (I suck at sales, so I'm still not even making rent from any of it) TRAVEL NOTICES (no, I won't play with you unless you are bi and work in the industry, if escorting were legal, sure, until then porno only): NYC/NJ - **CANCELLED** still trying to get there DETROIT - Come to my studio for photos or camming. email me a link to your work with the subject BOOKINGMotor City Comic Con - let me know if you're coming, I was going to get a room for my bday before leaving for london and then I smashed my car and bricked my phone so I'm behind again with no ability to regain that ground quickly. FRIDAY the 25th MEET ME IN CAMDEN [unless you know of a really nice large central pub for a meetup, we'll likely meet at World's End just for the space/my memories.

LONDON - May 23-Jun 8I'm finally getting back to London after 6 years of missing the friends and lovers there that helped me survive the last major SI scare I had before my hospitalization. Locals keep an eye out for art shows or museum exhibits for me as well, there will definitely be at least one museum meetup.] Concerts, music festivals, nerd conventions, nude beaches, art installations and food are reasons enough for me to travel. Vanilla meet ops will be whatever concerts and conventions I can get myself to.

My stimming behaviors from when I was bitty are part of my health problems today. I used to be much chubbier so thank you for being kind.

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Because of my income limitations, I will gladly accept travel and accommodations as payment in exchange for unique work that we can both use commercially. Will I need to arrange my own transportation or accommodations? Let's see if we can hit 100k before the year is out I was aiming for a small studio space with high ceilings and fast net access, on a private island with nothing but libraries full of comics. and got the first two, which honestly is more than I thought I was going to find. I need to earn my max allowance just to pay my other bills and maintain my car.

Right now that's a little over 20k tokens per month which is about a grand.

reality spoil me with level ups[no one has ever bought from this list, apparently the independently wealthy are not into chubby midwestern nerds] P3hbh7TRAVELI love to travel as much as possible to be with my partners all over the world now, and occasionally new friends. Possibly COLORADO literally any time EMAIL me if you want to book photo/video/cam time with me, or to help extend my stay. If I'm the only one posting, it's just looks like self-promo, soooooo...a nerd out. If you're the kind of perv that shares your porn with your friends, please do!

Donate to my travel fund to make even one of these things happen. I AM STILL TRYING TO VISIT A PARTNER IN FRANCE, it would be nice to get to AMSTERDAM also while I'm there. COLLABORATORSPhotographers, videographers, MUAs, illustrators, queer broadcasters, I wanna have your art babies! However you choose to support me in this art, please stay within your budget!

] 1001 tk single tip HIGHEST TIP2016: 1000 2018 so far: 10,000 tk single tip MOST TIPS overall from a single tipper: 9591Help me buy boring essentials with ANY gift cards to lexpletive gmail .

Always the most helpful thing, as much as I love new lingerie and toys, I need qtips and tp more often. If it get's out of hand, it'll just become private, but until then, let's share some queer cams and bitch about cb always being down.

Save Money: Get AARP member discounts on travel, shopping and more "I raised my granddaughter the first four years of her life.

Often the grandparents are not sure what they should have done differently, and the lines of communication are simply cut off from the other end.

Nor will a portfolio full of naked white women in the desert. I will NEVER discuss travel plans with my dick in my hand, nor should you. I really can't stress how shit I am at planning things or how much I need this kind of thing in my life right now.

Sorry I love a GWC as much as the next aspiring pervert, but the work has to be mutually beneficial or you pay me just to make the effort, much less spread. lexpletive AT gmail- If you want or can take me to a specific trip [concert, nude beach, new zealand, whatever] email me the exact dates and as much info as possible. We got to 50k followers and dyed the bush just after i moved last year.

One young mother asked me, "If my daughter's grandmother doesn't agree with my decisions as a parent, should she be allowed to see her grandchild?

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